Composer//Creative Technologist


Open Eye Dreams is a company on the cutting edge of interactive design, immersive live experiences, and the future of audiovisual experiences. Founded by composer and audiovisual artist Benjamin Heim, œDreams seeks to shape the future of how we experience music and pioneer the creation of new modes of audiovisual expression. Our company is divided into five divisions: œA/V focuses on the creation of bespoke audio and visual elements for a variety of applications; œLive handles the creation of live concert experiences and immersive events; œVR deals with the creation of site-specific and redistributable VR experiences; œMedia handles our corporate arm, which is available to create custom motion graphics, compose music, and produce live events for commercial applications; œStudio focuses on more artistic projects, site specific installations, gallery work; and œEnsembles contains our expanding roster of musical and audiovisual performers.